Thursday, June 29, 2006

Apologies and Goodbyes and Welcomes

My apology to scan man! I wanted to share your site with our visiting radiologist today and discovered to my deep chagrin that I do not have you on my blogroll. I was sure that I had placed you there ages ago (for my almost-two-month-old blog, "ages" = weeks). In my mind, you were there, but in reality, you were not. Most humble apology, my friend! You are certainly there now.

And sad farewells... First, The Blog That Ate Manhattan, then Medpundit, and now shrinkette. The medblog world will feel your departure with disappointment. Blogging can certainly become a time consuming activity, as I and many others are discovering...but must it be all or nothing? Is it not possible to cut back a little without stopping completely? Perhaps a post every week or two?

You will be sorely missed, shrinkette. Thanks for the posts! And if some time away gives you a new perspective and you want to jump back in, please do. Your voice enriches us.

As one member leaves our circle, a new member joins; a warm welcome to Doctor Anonymous. If you haven't discovered his blog yet, do drop by for a visit. He provides some thoughtful humor, and there can never be enough of that.



Blogger Dr. A said...

Thanks for the plug! I appreciate it. I'm definitely figuring out that blogging takes a lot of time. Not only your own blog, but trying to catch up with all the great blogs out there.

I like to keep things light, but every now and again, I like to mix things up. That's what great about blogging!

Friday, June 30, 2006 9:04:00 AM  
Anonymous scan man said...

I would never have noticed that my blog wasn't on your roll if you hadn't mentioned it!
I am so hard pressed for time that I just read the posts, comment if I want to (or if I can) and move on.
I am the only radiologist in a 100-bed hospital and I also get out-patient referrals.
Though the numbers are small, my work keeps me busy from 9 AM to about 10 PM. On an average I have to report about 10 X-rays and 10 CT scans per day. And I have to do about 7 or 8 ultrasound scans. Thankfully I don't get too many radiographic procedures (Barium studies, IVUs and the like).
This would have sounded like whining if it had been in a post on my blog, so thanks for giving me a chance to let off ;)

Saturday, July 01, 2006 4:07:00 AM  

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