Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Grand Rounds Vol 3 No 8 is up

This week's edition of Grand Rounds is posted at The Rumors Were True. Our host this week is topher, an American studying medicine in the Caribbean. His theme is Monty Python, and he weaves it skillfully around the posts without detracting from them.

Of note is that this edition of Grand Rounds is more manageable in size than recent editions have been; he included the best 26 of the 60 submissions. As a GR reader, I appreciate that; I want to read the best of the medblogosphere. An edition that includes 50+ posts is simply too big. This particular question, of quality vs. quantity in GR, has been the subject of brisk discussion today over at Kim's Emergiblog; she has a well-stated post opining that quality is where it's at. I have to agree, as do most of the commenters.

Thanks, Kim, for saying what needed to be said. And thanks, topher, for an excellent edition of Grand Rounds.



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